CALABASAS, CA—In an effort to finally set the record straight, actor Will Smith revealed Tuesday that during the film’s production in 2018, he had engaged in a passionate extramarital relationship with his younger Gemini Man co-star.

“We hit a rough patch in our marriage a few years back, and I found myself locked in an intense relationship with my co-star,” said Smith, who insisted the affair was “never predatory” despite the vast age difference between the two and confirmed rumors that the relationship started at around the same time Jada Pinkett Smith began her romantic entanglement with singer August Alsina.

“I don’t even think of it as infidelity because I got tacit permission to pursue this relationship. It’s usually pretty easy for me to separate work and personal life, but never before had I felt such a strong connection. It was like we had known each other our whole lives—we had more in common than I could ever imagine. We’d shoot our scenes and I would just lose myself in those kind eyes.”

At press time, a teary eyed Smith recalled the end of their relationship after his co-star fell in love with Jada. 

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