WASHINGTON—Assuring lawmakers that his department was operating strictly according to the book, Attorney General Bill Barr told Congress during a testimony Tuesday that he only intended to “uphold the rule of law” while federal agents dragged a screaming Jerry Nadler outside into an unmarked van.

“This is standard agency practice that has been in place in administrations long before this one to quiet unrest like what we’re seeing in the Capitol building today,” said Barr after unidentified agents burst into the House Chamber, covered the California representative’s face with a black bag, zip-tied his hands, and led him to a white federal vehicle awaiting along with Reps. Hakeem Jeffries and Pramila Jayapal.

“When you have hundreds of Congress members demonstrating inside the building daily, we need to do something to restore order. Frankly, the resistance like some of these legislators showed in being dragged from this testimony suggests that they do not have peaceful intentions.”

At press time, Mitch McConnell had requested Barr provide immediate testimony to explain why he had not yet also sent in troops to restore order in the unruly Senate chambers.

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