WASHINGTON—Calling the Latin American nation a perfect model of election integrity, officials from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security praised Bolivian leaders Monday for eliminating voter fraud through their refusal to hold general elections.

“By repeatedly postponing the date of its presidential election, Bolivia has ensured there are zero instances of irregular voting at any polling site anywhere in the country,” said Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, who commended Bolivia’s unelected interim president, Jeanine Añez, for helping the country “really turn a corner” after a 2019 election that was allegedly rigged in favor of then-president Evo Morales.

“It’s encouraging to see Bolivians stand up and root out corruption in their electoral process by doing away with voting altogether. They have created an enviable system that cannot be compromised by hackers, counterfeit mail-in ballots, or in-person tampering. Thus, they never have to worry about the results of an election being called into question. No doubt there is much we can learn from Bolivia’s example as we work to uphold the security of our own 2020 presidential race.”

At press time, Wolf added that there was also a thing or two the Department of Homeland Security could learn from Bolivia’s treatment of protesters.

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