WASHINGTON—Appearing to relish the wounded look on his chief of staff’s face, President Donald Trump reportedly added another sensational nickname for Democratic vice-presidential pick Kamala Harris to his list Wednesday after the devastating sobriquet succeeded in making Mark Meadows cry.

“That’s it, that’s the one,” said Trump, who according to sources reached for a nearby memo pad to write down the prospective nickname after Meadows burst into tears and stormed out of the room upon being called Mark the Misfit. “That hurt him pretty good. The man even begged me to stop. I liked Bogus Mark, too, but he didn’t cry for that one until I slapped him. So maybe we go with Kamala the Misfit. Or ’Mala the Misfit? Does that still work? I just wish I could get something with a C or K.”

At press time, sources confirmed a frowning Trump was trying to remember if the word “charismatic” was supposed to be a good or bad thing.

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