TAMPA, FL – 28-year-old Susan Wright, a veteran dolphin trainer at Ocean Realm, who recently married the love of her life, Squeaky, announced to her friends and family that she is pregnant!

Some family members celebrated by jumping into the aquarium with the happy couple, while other family members seemed to have completely disappeared. No one has heard from them in weeks.

Squeaky is a bottle-nosed dolphin that Susan met while on the job. “It’s a common love story,” said Tad Williams of Ocean Realm. “You spend a lot of time with each other and you just fall in love. We are so happy for them!”

“I’m ecstatic,” said Wright. “Everyone told me that it would be impossible for me to get pregnant with Squeaky, even my best friend JenJen who has six kids. But I didn’t let any of those people crush my dream.”


Weekly World News contacted prominent obstetrician, Dr. Tanya Morovia, and asked her how it was possible for a fish and a human to procreate. “First of all, dolphins are mammals. They are not fish. Secondly, in my professional opinion, not only do I have no idea how she became pregnant but also I have no idea how she and Squeaky even had sexual relations. It’s impossible!”

“She’s just another naysayer. Love conquers all,” says Wright.


We contacted another expert, prominent marine biologist, Professor Zven Purtle, who told Weekly World News that he believes it is possible. “Humans and dolphins are closely related. They both have ‘brainy genes” and have the ability to love one another on a deep level,” Purtle said. “Perhaps humans and other mammals like dolphins are becoming more and more compatible on every level. I wish the happy couple all the best.”

Wright said that Professor Purtle will be one of the first to see her baby, which she is hoping will be a boy. “I’ve always wanted a son, and you know, maybe he’ll be an Olympic swimmer one day. That would make us both so proud,” Wright says.

Professor Purtle said that bottle-nosed dolphins have a gestation period of about 12 months and humans have a gestation period of 40 weeks. “So I would expect the little baby dolphin-boy to pop out in about 11 months. Split the difference. It’ll be a miracle for sure.”

The couple is busy making preparations for their growing family. “We’re trying to figure out what part of the aquarium we can set up for our little pool of joy,” said Wright.

Tad Williams said that Ocean Realm will do everything they can to make the couple and their baby comfortable. “We don’t discriminate against any beings and want to be at the forefront in dolphin-human relations. Maybe not all the way at the front, but we are doing our best with this news.”

Weekly World News will be following the pregnancy and this story closely.

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