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But he had no idea how special Bear’s entry into the world would prove to be.

“I’m standing next to Rachel, holding her hand,” he explains. “We’re getting ready to go through the process of pushing (the baby), and the doctor says, ‘Why don’t you come over here?’ I was front and centre and the doctor let me deliver Bear. That means she said, ‘Put one hand here, put the other hand here, don’t move.’”

“It was astounding,” he raves. “I’m just in awe of my wife, it was just an incredible experience.”

And Bear is already following in dad’s footsteps – because he’s notched up the tallest height for babies of his age on percentile development charts.

“He is a tall baby,” laughs Chris, who stands tall at six feet, four inches (1.93 metres). “He’s taking after his father. He’s 100 percentile in ‘height’.”

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