Illustration for article titled Still Time: The PS5s In This Ancient Cave Painting Foretelling The End Of The Earth Look Like Some Kind Of Unreleased PS5 Slim Edition

Great news, gaming fans! If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out PlayStation’s revolutionary new gaming system, fear not—the PS5 in an ancient cave painting uncovered in Cáceres‎, Spain that foretells the end of the earth looks like it contains some kind of unreleased PS5 slim edition.

That’s right—if you’ve been itching to try out the most powerful next-gen console to date before the end times, don’t worry! We at OGN can confirm that the illustration of the PS5—discovered on subterranean cave walls featuring primitive symbols referring to an “Epoch Of Destruction”—appears significantly smaller and more streamlined than the current PS5, as well as featuring a dark brown color scheme that is not currently available.

This is also a huge win for those lucky enough to have already gotten their hands on a PS5, given that you’ll be able to enjoy hours of lightning-fast loading and unparalleled haptic feedback unimpeded by the darkening sky, boiling ocean, or rivers of blood prophesied in the oldest extant work of art by humankind. And if you’re still searching high and low for your PS5, it looks like PlayStation will have months or even years to restock the shelves before unveiling this special edition that presages swarms of locusts and the dead returning to life.

That’s it for now, gamers, but check this space for any and all updates for what is sure to be an even more immersive and technically impressive update to the PS5 gaming system despite ushering in the ancient heathen Gods that will unleash a thousand years of torment!

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