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The controller is wild. The new DualSense controller that comes with the PS5 is loaded with cool features, like realistic rumble effects, a built-in microphone and triggers that can increase or decrease the amount of pressure needed to pull them, depending on what you’re doing in the game. The DualSense is heftier than the PS4’s DualShock 4 controller, but it feels great in the hand.

Games look awesome, and load in the blink of an eye. Spider-Man: Miles Morales, one of the games available at launch, is flat-out incredible-looking on the PS5. (Spicy take: It’s also a better game overall than 2018’s already fantastic Spider-Man.) And thanks to the PS5’s high-tech solid-state drive, the game has practically no loading screens. When Miles uses the subway to travel between points in a sprawling virtual Manhattan, it takes about two seconds to make the transition.

It comes with a free game. Astro’s Playroom, the game included with the PS5, is designed to show off the new features of the DualSense controller – which it does incredibly well. But it’s also a really fun (albeit short) action-adventure game in its own right, stuffed with artifacts and Easter eggs that celebrate the entire history of PlayStation consoles. Don’t overlook it!

The design is like nothing else out there. While Microsoft played it very safe with their boxy, nondescript look for the Xbox Series X, the PS5 practically screams, “Pay attention to me!” With its curved, sweeping fins, it’s like a skyscraper from a sci-fi city, or a piece of modern art. Definitely a conversation piece – assuming you can find somewhere to put it.

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