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WASHINGTON—After shocking reports surfaced that doctors at Irwin County Detention Center in Georgia performed forced hysterectomies on female detainees, horrified Americans confirmed Wednesday that they never thought they’d see forced sterilization of minorities happen here again and again and again and again. “As a proud American, it’s almost unimaginable that these kinds of heinous acts could occur on U.S. soil, except for the 64,000 non-white women that were sterilized against their will between 1907 and 1963, and then the thousands more that occurred throughout the 1970s,” said 60-year-old Hank Baker, adding that he believed government-sanctioned eugenics had died eons ago after the U.S. government forcibly sterilized one-third of all women in Puerto Rico, 40% of all Native American women, and tens of thousands of impoverished Black women across the American South. “Aside from the decades worth of forced hysterectomies, tubal ligations, and ‘Mississippi appendectomies,’ revelations like this can really shake your faith in a nation. It’s 2020 for goodness’ sake, how are we allowing something that happened in Indiana, Oklahoma, Virginia, California, Delaware, and 25 other states throughout the 20th century to continue to happen here?” At press time, Baker added that this felt like something that could only happen in Nazi Germany after having been inspired by the American eugenics program.

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