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Salma Hayek marked her daughter’s 13th birthday with a nude throwback photo of her pregnancy.

The star’s only child, Valentina Paloma, entered her teens on Sunday and mom took to Instagram to share a topless image taken during her pregnancy.

“The tiny baby that formed inside my womb officially becomes a teen. They grow so fast…,” Hayek, who shares Valentina with husband Francois-Henri Pinault, wrote. She also posted a shot of her cradling the newborn with a touching dedication.

“Valentina, I never wished for someone to exist as much as I wished for you to come into my life,” she captioned the image. “Thank you for showing up thirteen years ago on a day like today, ‘Peace Day,’ to illuminate our lives. You are my greatest teacher, my greatest joy and my greatest hope. I loved you before you were born and I’ll love you forever. Happy birthday, my shining star.”

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