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Hellboy star Ron Perlman has asked the judge overseeing his divorce case to get a move on, so he can remarry.

The actor filed for divorce to end his 38-year marriage in November 2019 and now he has offered up new legal documents requesting immediate single status so he can exchange vows with his fiancee Allison Dunbar.

Ron insists he’ll deal with the rest of the issues surrounding his divorce from his wife Opal in due course, but he’d like to be free to get marrried again.

Allison Dunbar and Ron Perlman are pictured in a photo Dunbar recently shared on Instagram. Photo by Allison Dunbar /Instagram

“I believe terminating the marriage as soon as legally possible would be in our best interests in that it would reduce the emotional strain and pressure I have personally observed in both (Opal Stone Perlman) and myself, and it would allow me to move forward with my life.”

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