Robin had kept his ailment private, so when unfounded reports speculated on whether depression, substance abuse, or financial troubles had prompted his death, Susan was left reeling.

“That was pretty devastating,” she says. “I just blocked it out as best I could because I had to deal with things that were far more important in the moment. And that was getting to the bottom of what Robin and I had just gone through.”

The film features appearances from many of Robin’s close friends and collaborators, and although his kids declined to participate in the project, director Tylor Norwood believes they weren’t completely against it.

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“We had these really intense conversations with some people on their end and eventually they were like, ‘This is all too much new information for us to be a part of,’” Norwood recalls. “I didn’t leave with the sense that they were against it.”

And Susan recognizes how painful revisiting their dad’s final days may be.

“I’m not aware whether they’ve seen the film,” she shares. “I hope they get a chance to eventually. I can understand where that might be hard (sic).”

Robin’s Wish was released digitally on Tuesday.

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