RESTON, VA—Abandoning the idealism of previous pushes for more conservation, a realistic new campaign released Friday by the National Wildlife Federation just asked Americans to take a good last look at everything.

“We are asking Americans all over the country to soak up the view one final time,” said Laura Daniel Davis, Chief of Policy and Advocacy for the group, calling upon the nation’s citizens to form a strong mental picture of the natural world they can refer back to once everything is gone. “You should go find a scenic point—so long as it isn’t flooded, or on fire—and just really take in the flora and fauna around you, since, let’s be real; it isn’t going to be here much longer. The best thing you could do right now is ensure you have a nice final memory of it all.”

At press time, the NWF announced that it was too late and Americans had already missed their chance.

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