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Lawyers for Phil Collins have fired off another cease and desist warning to U.S. President Donald Trump to quit playing the rocker’s music at his campaign rallies.

The Brit has been left fuming after Trump and his re-election campaign officials apparently ignored a previous legal letter over the use of his song In the Air Tonight, and again blasted the 1981 hit over the speakers at a gathering in Des Moines, Iowa on Oct. 14.

At the time, Collins’ representatives noted that the Republican’s aides had already been warned against violating the musician’s copyright, and now his lawyers at Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP are demanding an assurance it won’t happen again – because the 69 year old does not support Trump at all.

In their latest missive, obtained by TMZ, they take issue with the way in which In the Air Tonight was used to poke fun at the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Referring to the Iowa rally, Collins’ lawyers state, “That use was not only wholly unauthorized but, as various press articles have commented, particularly inappropriate since it was apparently intended as a satirical reference to COVID-19.

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