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Phil Collins will take back control of his beachfront Miami mansion from ex-wife Orianne Cevey in January, 2021, according to his attorney.

The former Genesis frontman, 69, has been fighting for the property which Cevey, 46, is allegedly occupying with her new husband, the Miami Herald previously reported.

According to attorney Jeffrey D. Fisher, Cevey and her new husband have now agreed to leave by mid-January next year, claiming in a statement to the New York Post’s gossip column Page Six that, “Mr. and Mrs. Bates’ plan to hold Phil Collins’ house as hostage to leverage a settlement during a protracted court case was upended by the new judge’s bold decision to complete the injunction hearing next week.”

“With the delay tactic failing, they agreed to vacate by mid-January and to allow Phil’s realtor to market and sell the property between now and the date they leave,” he added.

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Fisher also said Collins’ memorabilia, such as his Alamo artifacts and music collection, will be removed from the residence, and she will maintain a 50% interest in the mansion, according to the publication.

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