Padma Lakshmi made her 50th birthday Monday a real moment.

The host of both Top Chef and Taste the Nation With Padma Lakshmi shared a couple of photos of herself in a bikini alongside a message about her past year, which she described as “a mix of misery and elation.”

Lakshmi acknowledged the anxiety of the pandemic and the pain of watching the struggle for racial justice, particularly that “some of our fellow Americans could not even bring themselves to say that Black lives matter, some who hold our highest offices.”

Still, Lakshmi said, there had been highs. Her solo show, which she also executive produces, as she does Top Chef, debuted to good reviews in June. “I finally got to show the world what I would do if I got to build a show from scratch,” she said, noting that she “loved reading how families watched together.”

Lakshmi said her family — including Adam Dell and their 10-year-old daughter, Krishna — has fared well during this rocky time, and that life has actually been peaceful for them.

“We made a cocoon for our family,” she said. “We lived for the first time-all under one roof. We became closer.”

She said she considers herself “very lucky” and “cannot ask for anything more.”

Lastly, she thanked her supporters for taking the trip with her.

“I have loved sharing it with all of you everyday (even you Trump supporters really those that disagree with me),” Lakshmi said.

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