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WARREN, OH—Pacing around his living room continuously and nervously downing pretzels, local Browns fan Max Symanski was reportedly still worried Wednesday that the team was going to blow a 48-37 lead over the Steelers that it had held since Sunday night. “They always do this. They get your hopes up by building this lead at the end of four quarters, but they always give it away,” said Symanski, who told reporters that he knows better than to relax just because the Browns have built up a double-digit lead, the game ended, and the team has officially moved on to the divisional round. “They already let the Steelers crawl back into this after being up 28 points. I can tell that by Thursday or Friday they’ll get complacent, give up a couple late touchdowns, and get knocked out of the playoffs. We haven’t won a playoff game in 25 years, and we’re not about to start now. This organization is always the same.” At press time Symanski was screaming at his TV after learning that acting head coach Mike Priefer had taken all the starters out of the game with 0:00 still left on the clock.

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