Megan Fox’s heart belongs to Machine Gun Kelly.

“Achingly Beautiful Boy… My heart is yours,” Fox, 34, captioned the post along with a black heart emoji and two knives.

This is the first photo she’s shared on social media of them together since they went public with their romance. Kelly, 30, shared his own photo last week.

first joint interview from the location that she was immediately intrigued when she heard he was cast in the film. The second day on set, she invited him to lunch in her trailer.

Brian Austin Green, confirmed they quietly separated late last year and are divorcing.

Green asked people not to “villainize” Fox for ending their marriage and moving on with Kelly. He said she didn’t cheat on him. He explained that she returned home from filming a movie aboard last year and told Green she was happier living apart from him. Fox and Green — who share three children — tried to work things out, but decided to go their separate ways.

defended his ex again in a podcast this week. He talked about how Fox has been criticized on social media for being with Kelly in Puerto Rico while Green is home in L.A. caring for their three young children.

“Everybody is judgmental right now because she is out of the country working,” Green said. “This is what we do. We travel and we work. It’s no different now than it’s been before except that we are no longer together. This is what we’ve been doing for 15 years … when one person is [away, like Fox is making this movie,], the other one will step in and take care of things at home.”

Green added, “Megan loves her kids and would do anything for them — and has and will continue to.”

Fox and Kelly’s romance was just beginning when they met on the set in March. When production was halted and they returned to L.A., things got serious. So when they resumed production in late July, they were back on the set as a couple. From location, they gave their first joint interview in which Fox called Kelly her “twin flame,” which she said was an even deeper connection than a soulmate. They also revealed that they discussed moving in together, but said that they are not yet engaged.

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