If you are looking for good news these days, here is a story of bravery that will warm your heart.

Late yesterday afternoon, near Great Barrington, Massachusetts in the Berkshires, Joe C. was walking his chickens when he heard two young children screaming.

Todd and Wendy Jablonksy were playing in the woods near their home when a giant, feral fisher cat cornered them. The fisher cat had just ripped two chipmunks to shreds but was looking for more. According to the toddlers’ father, Ted Jablonksy, the fisher cat spotted the kids, flashed its nasty teeth and began inching closer to them.

“I was in the house when I heard the kids scream. Unfortunately, I just had knee replacement surgery so I couldn’t get out of the house. And my wife was at the store getting me my afternoon donut. I was terrified!”

Jablonsky told Weekly World News that he had heard that there was a dangerous fisher cat in the area, but dismissed it. “I thought fisher cats were just a Berkshire myth, but now I know for sure that they’re real. Thank God Joe was nearby. He saved them. He saved our family!”

A helpless Jablonsky watched from his window as Joe C. took quick and decisive action. Joe C. was in great shape due to his daily Peloton bike ride, so he was confident he could help.

He put his chickens in a safe area, then sprinted toward the kids. He could see the fisher cat moving rapidly toward them and knew he didn’t have much time. But there was a problem – they were on the other side of a large stream.


Joe didn’t hesitate. He quickly walked backward, got a running start, and leaped twenty feet across the stream. He landed hard, did a tripled somersault, jumped up, grabbed a branch, swung from a tree, did a flip and landed between the fisher cat and the toddlers. Ted Jablonsky says it was “an amazing display of guts and grit. Especially for a guy his age. I was blown away.”

Joe C. bolted toward the toddlers, grabbed them, and lifted them up in the air so that the fisher cat couldn’t bite them. He carried them back to their house. They went running into the arms of their worried father, Ted.

But when Joe turned back around the fisher cat jumped on him, ready to tear him apart. A frightened Ted Jablonsky described what happened next.

“It was the most incredible thing I ever saw. This fisher cat must’ve weighed about 70 pounds and was almost as big as my border collie. It was trying to bite Joe in the face, but Joe grabbed him by the neck and was fighting him off with all he had. The fisher cat was strong and muscular. It was a real battle. Reminded me of a UFC cage match.

“They tumbled over each other and landed in the water. The fisher cat, unfortunately, bit Joe on the ankle, but that didn’t stop Joe. Not at all. He was a wild man. He kept fighting, kept battling for his life. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man handle a beast like this before. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. He was going to get eaten up, I was sure of it.”



Eventually, the fisher cat gave up. “I guess it realized it couldn’t defeat Joe C. He’d met his match,” Jablonsky says. The fisher cat limped away into the woods. Defeated and demoralized.

Ted watched Joe get up out of the stream, catch his breath, and pull himself together. Ted yelled to Joe, thanked him for saving his kids. He told Joe C. he was a hero. The toddlers ran out to Joe and told him that he was a superhero, he was their superhero. But Joe C. didn’t want to hear any of that. “I did what anybody would have done. When a monster shows up, you have to fight it. I did it for the kids, for my chickens. I’m not afraid of fisher cats.”

He certainly isn’t. And now he is a legend in the Berkshires – the man who tamed a fisher cat.

Is he worried that the fisher cat might return and hunt him down?

“Bring it on, fisher cat. I am ready for round two!” Joe C. says.

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