Comedian and actor Marc Maron was left “traumatized” following the sudden death of his girlfriend, director Lynn Shelton.

Shelton, a highly respected independent film and TV director, died in May aged 54 of a previously unidentified blood disorder. And in an interview with The New York Times, Maron, who had been dating his Sword of Trust director since last year, shared that her death had left him “totally heartbroken”.

“It’s a terrible experience but it is a fundamental human experience,” the 56-year-old told the publication. “It’s as common as love. It’s devastating, but we are built to carry it, for ourselves and for others.”

The pair had only been in a romantic relationship for “a year and change,” but the Glow star said their time together was “short and sweet”.

“We saw ourselves through each other’s eyes. I was really the best version of me, the way she saw me,” he added.

Opening up about her final days, he explained that she had made an appointment to see a doctor when she began experiencing a high fever and swollen glands in her throat. However, Maron woke up to find her collapsed.

“I called the ambulance and she was dead within 18 hours,” he said, giving her ultimate cause of death as organ failure and acute myeloid leukemia. “I went (to the hospital) that night and spent a few minutes with her body. It was the heaviest thing I’ve ever done,” Maron said. “It was just devastating. I was blown out, totally traumatized. Totally heartbroken.”

Maron added that grieving amid the coronavirus pandemic has allowed him “to process and sit with the feelings.”

“I cry every day,” he admitted. “The shock and the trauma have dissipated a little bit, so now I deal with the loss. I have her jacket that she always wore, and her hat and boots. I have the shirt that I met her in. I touch these things when I can and try to keep her with me.”

Last week, Shelton received a posthumous Emmy directing nomination for Little Fires Everywhere.

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