A MAN’S dinner tasted like shit after he decided to improve the recipe by throwing in random ingredients. 

Julian Cook, buoyed along by three cans of Stella, believed himself such a culinary natural that he inexplicably added various herbs and spices from the back of the cupboard to Jamie Oliver’s chicken tikka masala.

Wife Beverly said: “He was stood there adding a a pinch of this and a spoonful of that like he’s Gino bloody D’Acampo.

“He just kept on tossing things into the pan with a gleeful flick of the wrist, like some kind of a psychopathic chef making his own last meal.”

Julian said: “The recipe only had a few ingredients, I mean a child could have made it, so I thought I’d spice things up a bit.

“I added a pinch of basil, some paprika, a few spoonfuls of Tabasco and something called star anise. That’s what real cooks do. They go with the flow.

“Unfortunately, the end result was f**king awful. That’s the last time I’ll use a Jamie Oliver recipe.”

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