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WENHAM, MA—Expressing confusion as to the correct etiquette for the new situation, Zach Kartman, a local man on a video date, was reportedly unsure Friday if he was supposed to be the one to pay the internet bill. “I don’t really know what the expectation is here,” said a slightly flustered Kartman, telling reporters that while suggesting they go Dutch was the simplest solution, he feared it could come across as a little tacky. “Financial stuff is always so tricky early on in relationships—if I offer to foot the bill, it might come across as charmingly old-fashioned, but on the other hand, she might view it as sort of chauvinistic or that there’s some sort of expectation of cybersex.” At press time, Kartman had resolved that he would offer to pay and just hope his date didn’t order an expensive 5G Ultra Wideband Wi-Fi package.

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