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CLEVELAND—Expressing relief that the winter activity wasn’t nearly as hard as it looked, local man Noah Maxwell was reportedly really getting the hang of clutching the wall Wednesday during his first time ever ice skating. “At first, I was pretty nervous, but after getting a few fundamentals down, I realized the trick is to just cling to get anything solid you can get your hands on—also don’t let go, that’s important too,” said Maxwell, who boasted he hadn’t fallen a single time since he shuffled a foot onto the ice, felt his legs sliding beneath him, and immediately lunged to the side to bear hug the wall. “It’s crazy to think that just 30 minutes ago I had never stepped onto an ice rink, and just look at me now—I’m really inching along here. This is easy. I’m a natural. Now that I’ve gotten a little confidence, I might even try a face plant.” After he mastered ice skating, Maxwell was reportedly getting the hang of riding in an ambulance for the first time.

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