‘That’s When It Really Takes Off,’ Says Fan

Illustration for article titled Man Assures Friend Watching ‘The Flintstones’ Series That He Just Has To Stick With It Through J.L. Gotrocks Arc

AKRON, OH—Stressing that continuing to watch the animated television series would be worth it in the long run, local man Collin North reportedly assured his friend Brice Mitchell Monday that he just had to stick with The Flintstones through the J.L. Gotrocks arc. “I get it, the whole mistaken-identity thing isn’t exactly the show’s finest hour, but if you can just power through the Gotrocks Corp. stuff, that’s when The Flintstones really takes off,” said North, adding that he definitely didn’t recommend his friend skip the Gotrocks episode since it also laid important groundwork for future story arcs in the series. “It might be a little boring in the thick of Fred and Barney signing up for the army, but ultimately the series is really an intricate tapestry and you have to give the writers room to weave it. Plus then you’ll eventually get to the third season, which is absolutely the golden age of The Flintstones. But those classic episodes like the Fraternal Order of the Water Buffaloes Convention in Frantic City and the heartrending one where Fred hires Lollobrickida the French maid wouldn’t resonate as deeply if it hadn’t been for the careful foundation the Flintstones writers built back in season one. Just wait until season four, when Barney Rubble really comes into his own as a character. Honestly, I’m jealous that you get to watch it for the first time.” North assured his friend that if he stuck with The Flintstones he would also finally understand all the memes their other friends were constantly sending in the group chat.

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