AGREEING with your partner on who the massive bellends is the best foundation of a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

While trust and physical intimacy are also important for couples to thrive, being on the same page about Georgia’s new wanker boyfriend truly keeps a partnership thriving.

Relationshop expert Dr Helen Archer said: “Love, respect and shared values are key. And the most important shared value is recognising dickheads when you see them.

“Agreeing with your partner on the turds who clap when planes land or their controlling nightmare of a stepmum, or simply Eamonn Holmes, really bonds a couple.

“It’s especially effective if you’re in close contact to the object of your shared loathing, for example a neighbour whose cat shits all over your lawn or a colleague who supports Chelsea.

“Mutual hatred of others is the foundation of attraction. Tinder’s retooling its algorithm so good, sensible people will never again be paired with f**knuts who have an unexpected admiration for Bono.”

Grace Wood-Morris said: “My boyfriend and are aren’t sexually compatible and don’t like the same films. But we both agree that Mark Francois is the king of the arseholes, so it’s fine.”

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