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LOS ANGELES—Breaking through to accomplish what so many doubters never thought he could do, LeBron James finally reached the NBA Western Conference finals after 17 seasons in the league. “LeBron’s always been on the cusp of greatness, but somehow he’s always fallen short of the Western Conference finals,” said analyst Max Kellerman of the 4-time NBA MVP, admitting it was exciting to think that after years of letting fans down, James might finally hoist the elusive Wester Conference trophy. “Even with his best rosters on the Cavs and Heat, he could never get over the hump. Magic did it. Kobe did it. But it always seemed like LeBron just didn’t have what it takes. If he can win the Western Conference, it might actually put the formerly disappointing James in the Hall-of-Fame discussion.” At press time, analyst Stephen A. Smith suggested LeBron would never be considered great until he beat Jordan in the playoffs.

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