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“Tom does not care about the families of his crew; this is all for publicity. Tom does not believe in family values,” she shared. “I would bet that Tom had this rant written for him and had his Scientology assistant record and release it.

“Hearing a rich actor with enormous power address his crew in this way is a sign of weakness and a deeply troubled person,” added the star, before questioning the Top Gun star’s mental wellbeing

“His mental state is showing. Tom seems to think that Hollywood is incapable of making films without his help,” she stated. “Saying such a thing indicates the godlike figure Tom believes he is, and what he is told by Scientology.

“This is an actor with enormous power on the set of his film, this is not just a guy in the middle of a public place standing up to someone for not wearing a mask. This is Tom friggin’ Cruise wielding his power and threatening and degrading his crew.”

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Remini wrapped by accusing the organization as a whole of being “manipulative,” sharing: “In addition, Scientologists are so manipulative and abusive that they believe that this ‘tone’ is the ‘winning tone’ of the country right now and therefore can only help Tom’s reputation to have this leaked.”

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