Lady Gaga is being criticized for sharing a pro-Biden video in which she posed near a pickup truck wearing camouflage while chugging a beer in an apparent effort to pander to working-class Americans. 

The singer shared the bizarre video on Twitter Saturday, days before she was scheduled to appear alongside the Democratic presidential candidate at a Pennsylvania rally on Monday. The video, which many found to be condescending, shows Gaga wearing full camouflage except for a pair of knee-high black-and-pink boots. Her T-shirt is knotted up to her chest, revealing her abs as she leans casually against a black truck.

“Hey, this is Lady Gaga, I’m voting for America, which means I’m voting for Joe Biden,” she says after cracking the beer open. “And if you live in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Florida or Arizona, I encourage you to vote. And if you have a friend who lives there, tell them to vote.” 

Lady Gaga caught backlash for a video she made that seemed to mock rural Americans.

Lady Gaga caught backlash for a video she made that seemed to mock rural Americans.

She added: “I’m going to be in one of these states tomorrow. Guess which one I’ll be in. Hint: I used to live there.”


She concludes the video by taking a big sip of the beer before smashing it on the ground in front of her.

“Cheers to the 2020 election,” she concludes.

Hours later, she followed up the video with a photo of herself from the time she used to live in Lancaster, Pa., in which she’s seen sipping from a beer can as well as a photo of her hugging former Vice President Joe Biden.

“That’s a pic of me in Pennsylvania when I lived in Lancaster. I LOVE THIS STATE. I’m here now! This place is filled with good hearted people—good hearted people that @JoeBiden loves. He’s a good friend. He’s the President this country needs to bring us back together,” she captioned the post. 

It didn’t take long for followers to bash the 34-year-old singer for what many viewed as a condescending parody of rural Americans.

“Stunts like this, are exactly why Trump is going to win. Average, hardworking Americans are sick of “celebrities” mocking them for what they wear, drive, eat, drink, and where they choose to work or live,” one user wrote.

“Oh, is that what people in these states are like? I’ll be interested to see what you do to pander to inner-city populations, too. PS-True Americans would never waste beer,” another user mocked.

“Love ya Gaga but this Vid is Cringe AF 😬 it feels insincere & literally makes me not want to vote at all. I honestly wish you never got involved in politics publicly because it’s distracting from the Power of your Musical & Performing Talents ✨Politics is a Dirty Game Sis,” a third person wrote.

“Pretty sure this isn’t sending the message you think it is … lol,” another said.

“Celebrities who make political statements with cringe-worthy I’m-special-look-at-me videos are the absolute worst,” wrote another.

Gaga lending her celebrity to Biden in Pennsylvania caught the attention of the Trump campaign. The campaign’s communications director Tim Murtaugh tweeted a lengthy statement in which he accused Gaga of being anti-fracking, a core issue affecting voters in the state. 


“Nothing exposes Biden’s disdain for the forgotten working men & women of PA like campaigning with anti-fracking activist Lady Gaga,” he wrote. “This desperate effort to drum up enthusiasm is actually a sharp stick in the eye for 600,000 Pennsylvanians who work in the fracking industry.”

Gaga responded to the jab and subtly implied that she’s not anti-fracking.

“HEY TIM HEY @realDonaldTrump SO HAPPY IM GLAD TO BE LIVING RENT FREE in your HEAD. #BidenHarris,” she wrote, sharing the statement with a few “vote Biden” stickers over it. 

“#WINNING (also, what is fracking?) keep your jobs PA,” she wrote over the statement image.


“Thank you for spreading our statement to your 82 million followers,” Murtaugh replied. “That’s a lot of eyeballs on your anti-fracking activism. Hope lots of folks in PA see this. Next time @ me.”

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