ORLANDO, FL—Noting that his experience at the theme park had been far deeper and more meaningful than he ever could have imagined, local man Kevin Reeves told reporters Monday that knowing he was risking his life actually made him appreciate his day at Disney World quite a bit more.

“I used to get frustrated by little things like getting stuck in a long line for the monorail or a couple rides in Tomorrowland getting closed for maintenance, but I’ve realized minor inconveniences don’t matter when you could be dead in a matter of weeks,” said Reeves, stressing that everything from his time on Thunder Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean to his Mickey Mouse-shaped pancakes at The Plaza restaurant had taken a much more profound character with the understanding that his life was constantly at risk.

“Knowing I might literally have weeks to live really made me think about how much I’ve taken for granted lower-tier rides like the Enchanted Tiki Room or The Seas With Nemo and Friends. Hell, normally I’d be too shy to ask Daisy Duck for her autograph, but today I thought, ‘What the heck,’ you know? Live for today.” Reeves concluded that he sincerely hoped his 4-year-old felt the same way.

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