Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom cemented their relationship through their shared interest in mysticism and alien conspiracies.

The couple got engaged in February last year after an on-off relationship that began in 2016 – and are now expecting their first child together.

Speaking to Britain’s Sunday Times newspaper, Katy says that what attracted her to the Pirates of the Caribbean star was his sensitivity and interest in spirituality.

“I met him in 2016, we were both on a different journey,” she explains. “He’s very sensitive. Very emotionally evolved. He gets up at 7 am and chants for an hour. One of the things that binds us is our desire to be more spiritually evolved. And our desire to investigate that realm.”

Explaining their shared interest in mystical conspiracy theories, and the prospect of alien life, she adds: “One of our main love languages is the spiritual evolution. We love mysticism, conspiracies, aliens, all that stuff. We love an adventure of the mind. That’s definitely something we are bound by.”

The star got back together after suffering from depression following the release of her flop 2017 album, Witness.

“You are never going to change someone as much as you want to change them,” she explains. “They have to make the choice to change themselves, and I had to make the choice, after hitting rock bottom.

“I had no choice but to go on this emotional, spiritual, psychological journey or I probably wouldn’t live to see 2018. When I speak on this, it accumulates into a headline of being saved by Orlando Bloom, and I’m, like, ‘Well, I didn’t say that, but thank you for that archaic headline.’ But love did save me. Unconditional love saved me.”

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