MINNEAPOLIS—Admitting that he was really starting to come around on the podcast host and commentator, Greg Torkson, a local man who gets all his news from Joe Rogan, confirmed Tuesday that Joe Rogan was starting to make a lot of sense.

“At first, some of the stuff he was saying sounded pretty far fetched, but the more that I watched The Joe Rogan Experience to the exclusion of all other media, the more I realized that there really were a lot of unanswered questions about chem-trails,” said Torkson, noting that he’d been swayed by Rogan’s strident advocacy for legalizing psychedelics and stopping infant circumcision after hearing nothing else for the past several months.

“I’ll admit that some of the stuff that he says about extraterrestrials might be a little too radical for people who aren’t exposed to a deluge of his every thought and opinion on a near-constant basis, but once he becomes your sole outlet for information, you really find yourself starting to nod along.” Torkson acknowledged that no matter he much of the podcast he listened to, he still couldn’t believe Rogan had supported fucking Gary Johnson for president. 

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