DAVENPORT, IA—Noting that it would be just a gosh-darned shame to let perfectly good food go to waste, the state of Iowa left a big Saran-wrapped bowl of potato salad at the Illinois border Wednesday after making way too much.

“There’s no way we could finish all of this potato salad ourselves,” Iowa said in a note attached to a large aluminum mixing bowl heaping with the creamy side dish, which had been made with extra red onions, sprinkled liberally with bacon bits, topped with carefully arranged hard-boiled egg slices, and left just over on the Illinois side of the border for their neighbors to enjoy.

“It’s still a little warm, but it will taste just as great cold or at room temperature, and it’ll keep up to a week or so in the fridge, no problem. Just don’t leave it out here in the sun too long or it may turn. Don’t tell anyone, but the secret ingredient is Miracle Whip. Gives it a tangy little kick.” At press time, Iowa had been overheard loudly commenting that they hoped Illinois would at least rinse the bowl before giving it back this time.

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