YOU can drink as much booze as you like during the Christmas period as long as it has been mulled, scientists have agreed. 

Experts have confirmed that as long as a beverage has been slightly warmed and had a few spices thrown in it, it doesn’t count towards the weekly recommended limit of alcohol units.

Professor Henry Brubaker of the Institute for Studies said: “If your drink has a cinnamon stick and a segment of orange floating around in it, you can imbibe it with impunity.

“Mulled drinks mean we can be massive pissheads at Christmas and no one is able to criticise without coming across as a mean-spirited grinch.

“However, our researchers found that trying to drink enough heavily seasoned, sweetened wine to get truly tanked is impossible, as it tastes vile and people tend to give up after one mug.

“Therefore, we recommend mulling vodka, rum, whisky, or a combination of all three, to make sure you are able to get properly plastered.”

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