Stacey Abrams hasn’t just helped Joe Biden win the presidency – assuming Georgia’s vote total continues trending in the Democratic candidate’s direction – she’s also helping bring Hollywood back to the Peach State.

Sons of Anarchy and Hellboy star Ron Perlman said he’d been boycotting Georgia, a hotbed for film and television production over the past decade or so, but Abrams has inspired him to return.

“To my dear friends in Georgia, I hate Kemp,” Perlman wrote on Twitter Friday about Republican governor Brian Kemp, who beat the Democratic former state representative Abrams in a closely contested — and controversial — gubernational election in Nov. 2018. “He is ugly, he is dirty, he is arrogant and he stole an election. I said I would never work there until that was corrected and thanks to [Stacey Abrams] and so many good people, I can’t wait to visit the great state of Georgia again.”

Abrams has drawn widespread adulation and credit over the past couple of days considering the changing tides in Georgia.

After losing the 2018 governor’s race and in response to Black voter suppression allegations made against the GOP, Abrams set out on a grassroots mission, along with various other Democratic activists, to engage as many new voters in Georgia as possible. Her organization Fair Fight helped register more than 800,000 largely minority voters in the lead-up to the 2020 election.

At press time, Biden lead President Donald Trump by about 4,000 votes.

Perlman was joined by Mark Ruffalo, Tyra Banks, Sharon Stone, Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr, Josh Gad, Yvette Nicole Brown, Supernatural actor Misha Collins, former NBA player and popular Twitterer Rex Chapman and more in praising Abrams.

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