Illustration for article titled Humane Trap-And-Removal Program Sedates Tenants So They Unconscious During Eviction

ORLANDO, FL—Aiming to make the process of forcible displacement easier for all involved, a new humane trap-and-removal program being piloted by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office sedates apartment tenants so they are unconscious during an eviction, sources confirmed Friday. “Residents often become frightened and act in unpredictable ways when we throw them out of their homes, but the whole thing goes pretty smoothly if we just knock them out first,” said Sheriff Dale Katsakis, who described showing up at someone’s door and shooting them with a tranquilizer dart as a more compassionate approach that allowed for people and possessions to be carted off without putting renters or his deputies in harm’s way. “If it’s a family, we usually do the mother first, because then it’s a whole lot easier to do the kids. Before they know it, they wake up in an alley with their stuff in a big pile and the whole thing is over, just like that.” Katsakis added that his department had also started transporting the sedated tenants far away from their former homes to ensure they didn’t simply go right back to the place they had been evicted from.

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