OVERLAND PARK, KS— Observing yet disregarding the bodies of 15 of his fellow flies suspended in the tempting but viscous substance, a fruit fly reportedly found itself thinking “Huh, that’s kind of weird,” Tuesday as it plunged into a dish of honey containing the suffocated corpses.

“Granted, it’s a little disturbing, but it’s probably not anything to worry about,” said the Drosophila melanogaster, putting the somewhat unusual sight of its deceased brethren out of its mind as it drew nearer to the mesmerizing expanse of delicious, glistening honey.

“That’s certainly not something you see every day, but so what? I’m already a week old. I can’t pretend I know everything, but life’s too short to be scared of every new experience. Sure, that’s a lot of bodies, but there’s also a lot of wonderful honey. Hey, look, my mom and dad are down there!” At press time, the sinking fruit fly’s mouth had filled up with honey as it vainly attempted to cry out a warning to approaching fruit flies.

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