Nick Cordero’s son has reached a special milestone: He said his first words — and they were about his late dad.

Amanda Kloots shared a sweet video of Elvis, 1, following her instruction Sunday by giving a kiss to “Dada” — a photo of the Broadway star, who died July 5 from complications from COVID-19, on a tabletop lantern. While doing so, the happy and giggling toddler chatted about “Dada” being “right there” — a heartwarming moment.

“Elvis said his first words today!! Listen closely!” Kloots, a Broadway dancer turned fitness instructor, shared along with the video on Instagram. “He pointed at Nick in our new picture light and said ‘right there.’ He hasn’t seen Nick since March 30th. The fact that he still knows who his Dada is, point to him and give him a kiss to me is amazing.”

The adorable video ended with a very toddler-esque moment where Elvis grabbed the entire light with one hand.

Kloots has been sharing her grief with her social media following, revealing last week that she started moving into the Laurel Canyon dream home that she and Cordero were to share. The couple moved from NYC to L.A. earlier this year, but Cordero was hospitalized in March with COVID-19 symptoms and never left Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. He died on July 5 after a valiant battle — at age 41.

Kloots had been staying with Elvis in Zach Braff’s guest house during Cordero’s hospitalization. (Braff and Cordero became friends co-starring in Bullets Over Broadway.) Now the house that she and Cordero fell in love with and had renovated is ready and she’s moving in. Her parents are moving from Ohio to L.A. to stay with her and Elvis to help during the transition.

“I’m not expecting this to be easy,” Kloots said of the move on Instagram. “In fact I think it will be very hard, but I’m going into it knowing I need to be strong. I have to find my new normal, at least whatever that is for Elvis and I right now.”

The inspirational Kloots added, “I know Nick will be with us. He wanted to live in this house more than anything so I’ll put lots of family photos up and make sure his presence is with us.”

Clearly his presence is felt — including by young Elvis.

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