YOU went to the pub last night and woke up feeling terrible, but why? Too many Jägerbombs, or the dreaded virus? Here’s how to figure it out.

You wake up and your mouth is…

A) Drier and fouler than a Wetherspoon’s chicken tikka masala.

B) Full of the taste of regret. So much regret.

You gather up the will to move your aching body and discover your bed is…

A) Soaked in sweat.

B) Soaked in sweat and another liquid that has a different smell which you’re desperately hoping isn’t urine.

You take a deep breath and your chest feels…

A) Horribly tight, and it’s not from smoking because you’re the type of boring drunk who lectures people about the dangers of fags.

B) Slightly tight, as if you spent five hours last night begging Marlboro Lights from annoyed strangers.

There’s someone in your bedroom. Is it…

A) A concerned loved one, gently mopping your brow with a damp cloth.

B) A bollock-naked stranger who can’t remember your name, and probably not their own.

You shuffle to the bathroom mirror and see…

A) Someone who looks like shit.

B) Someone who looks like shit, and knows they deserve it even though they aren’t 100 per cent sure what they did last night.

Mostly As: It’s probably coronavirus, and if it’s not you might as well pretend it is and suck up all that lovely sympathy.

Mostly Bs: It’s most likely a hangover. You deserve to feel this way.

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