Gisele Bundchen got candid about her battle with “all-consuming” anxiety and panic attacks in the hopes of helping others.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many people have struggled with their emotions during quarantine.

Bundchen, 40, posted a photo of herself on Wednesday cuddled up with her dog along with a thoughtful message to her fans.

“From my own experience I learned that nothing is permanent,” the Brazillian model began.

She continued: “Sometimes a gentle reminder that the bad feelings will eventually go away can work like a beacon of hope.”

Bundchen also expressed her understanding that “anxiety can feel all-consuming.” She added, “And sometimes we need a supportive push to help break us out of our vicious cycle of worry.

“My own panic attacks were difficult for me, and I sought help,” the former Victoria’s Secret angel admitted.

Gisele Bundchen opened up about her depression in a candid Instagram post

Gisele Bundchen opened up about her depression in a candid Instagram post
(Jackson Lee/Getty Images)

She then encouraged her followers to seek the support of “family, friends and specialists” as well as “breathing and meditation tools” to cope with anxiety.

Bunchen concluded: “The most important thing is to move away from inertia and look for alternatives. Life is our greatest gift—and every day is worth it. ✨💛.”

In the model’s 2018 memoir “Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life,” she opened up about her battle with frequent panic attacks that began in 2003.

“Things can be looking perfect on the outside, but you have no idea what’s really going on,” she told People magazine at the time.

Bundchen continued: “I felt like maybe it was time to share some of my vulnerabilities, and it made me realize, everything I’ve lived through, I would never change, because I think I am who I am because of those experiences.”

The Brazillian star also got candid about having had suicidal thoughts in the past.

“I actually had the feeling of, ‘If I just jump off my balcony, this is going to end, and I never have to worry about this feeling of my world closing in,” she told the outlet.

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