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Country star Garth Brooks is counting his lucky ‘spurs’ after revealing his recent construction injury will cost him nothing but a fingernail.

The singer/songwriter postponed an album launch livestream after injuring his hand earlier this month, but refused to go into detail or talk about how severe the accident was.

But in a new interview, he reveals the major cost is the nail on his ring finger, which will have to be removed.

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“They’re (fingers) gonna be sore for a while… but everything’s great,” he says.

Brooks also explained the accident won’t impact his guitar playing going forward.

The incident happened on Garth’s Nashville, Tennessee farm on Oct. 21, and the singer’s wife, Trisha Yearwood, has explained he was building a deck when “something went awry”.

“He was very lucky,” she explained. “He’s pretty safe on the farm, but every now and then, you know, stuff happens.”

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