HINSDALE, IL—Despite years of bragging about her matchmaking skills, Kelly Peerman, the friend who introduced local couple Jordan and Melissa Gantner, was not so high and mighty now that they were getting divorced, sources confirmed Wednesday.

“Well, well, well, it looks like old cupid over here might have missed the mark on this one,” said friend Erin Zhao, explaining how the self-appointed compatibility expert was no longer using every party as an occasion to proudly recount how she helped arrange the relationship, especially after learning that it was a bitter separation that involved infidelity. “Not such hot shit now that she’s filing a restraining order, huh? Looks like the love genius will have to come down in the dirt with the rest of us.”

Zhao added that Peerman was also no longer so cocky about the fact that she was the one who pushed the couple to have kids.

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