Arizona truck stop patrons were stunned earlier this week when driver Jeff Barry pulled into the Gas ‘n Chow just over the border from Utah. A large boulder was lodged under his trailer. Snug up against the axle, it looked as if it was cradled in mother’s arms. Mr Barry was more than surprised when approached by one of the other drivers at the fuel oasis in the desert.

“I thought he was pulling an old trucker joke on me at first. You know, like looking for the sky hook to lift your trailer up for letting the tires rest for a while or something like that. I was flabbergasted to see a 2 ton boulder under my trailer!”

Jeff Barry had no idea where he picked up the unwanted hitchhiker. Luckily, for WWN, he did have a sudden revelation after he gulped down a luke warm breakfast burrito. WWN was there to witness the look of understanding and discussion creep across his unshaven face

“There were some landscaping rocks near the entrance of the potato chip plant I was delivering a load of empty chip bags to in Idaho. When I pulled out I sneezed and jerked the wheel a bit. Makes sense now. My gas mileage was a bit on the low side. Didn’t think much of it.”

WWN called the potato chip plant in question and asked the employees for comment about their missing landscape feature.
“I knew right away what had happened,” Says groundskeeper Maurice Cloureed. “There was a gouged out trail in the hot asphalt that went on as far as you could see.”

“We got landscaping rocks?” John Lynford puzzled.


“I think that it’s only right to continue on with it.” Mr Barry explains, “Clearly this boulders spirit longs for adventure. I am more than happy to be the one who escorts this amazing rock on its journey. My next pickup is in Tennessee. Nashville, here we come!”

This reporter tried desperately to get a comment out of the boulder. The recently rounded rock was rather cold and stonefaced throughout the short interaction. I probably shouldn’t have worn so much turquoise jewelry that day. Might have been friends of his. -DD

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