Illustration for article titled Democratic Strategists Hold Screening Of ‘Three Amigos’ In Order To Better Understand Latino Culture

WASHINGTON—Hoping to learn from their failure to court the potential voter base in the 2020 election, Democratic strategists held a screening of Three Amigos Thursday in an effort to help the party better understand Latino culture. “One of the major blunders of the last campaign cycle was Democrats’ lack of a message that connected with everyday Latinx families, such as how our policies can help towns caught in the clutches of the infamous bandito El Guapo and his band of men,” said strategist James Carville, demonstrating to his fellow analysts how they could have earned a larger vote share of the nation’s estimated 59.8 million Hispanic Americans by running ads touting increased access to invisible swordsmen and singing bushes voiced by Randy Newman. “For too long we’ve made the mistake of treating these voters like one monolithic entity, but what we’re learning is that there are multiple subgroups—Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, and Martin Short—that each have their own distinctive backgrounds and culture, and we need to tailor our message to fit them all.” At press time, Carville had moved on to educating strategists about how to reach out to military families by popping in a DVD of Sgt. Bilko.

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