A COUPLE have a fantastic relationship in all the moments when they are not arguing about where to go, what to eat, or how to do literally anything. 

Sophie Rodriguez and Joshua Hudson have been together for three years and enjoy a happy, harmonious romance apart from the constant screaming rows.

Rodriguez said: “I feel like Josh and I are destined to be together, except when he wants to talk to me or I need to talk to him, or we need to go anywhere or plan anything.

“We have such a great time. Like that time we went to the Fat Duck but he couldn’t f**king find it then we had a row about me being vegan that day then I was livid about how much it cost and we didn’t speak all the way home.

“We have the same values and have a shared vision of our future together, it’s just every single detail of everyday life interaction that’s problematic.”

Joshua agreed: “It’s the quiet moments together that make a relationship, like waiting for traffic to pass so Sophie can turn right even though she’s missed like 16 f**king gaps.

“We’re building our future on a strong foundation of mutual bafflement and constant irritation. I look forward to disagreeing about every aspect of raising a child together one day.”

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