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“Sometimes I feel like people aren’t going to be as hard on me as I am on myself. So it’s good for me to take a break.”

However, Teigen admits she has mixed feelings about taking a step back from the Internet during such a pivotal time in the U.S., as Black Lives Matter protesters continue to demand an end to racial injustice ahead of the 2020 presidential election in November.

“Part of me right now knows this is not the right time to go silent,” she mused. “It does feel very selfish and weird to say that my mental health is important when there are people being murdered by police and murdered in their own homes.

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“Who gives a f*** about someone making fun of me when people’s livelihoods are being threatened just for telling their stories? I have black children, so is it really the right time to not want to step on anyone’s toes?”

Teigen shares daughter Luna, four, and son Miles, two, with Legend, while she is currently expecting their third child.

And although she is learning to log off once in a while, Teigen remains determined to do all she can to get former Vice President Joe Biden and his Democratic running mate, Kamala Harris, voted into the White House to oust incumbent Donald Trump, who has frequently been accused of making racist remarks.

“People are very confident in their ways of being open about their racism because they have the backing views of the president,” she said. “It’s become such a hurtful, weird presidency for so many Americans, and I’m going to fight to get this person out of office because I can’t live another four years with this kind of hatred boiling through America.”

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