As the national presidential election draws closer and closer, the Democratic National Convention has taken the spotlight as Joe Biden is expected to accept the party’s presidential nomination this week.

Additionally, Biden’s announcement of his VP pick, Kamala Harris, has drawn a great deal of attention to politics lately.

Now, with the convention underway and Democratic heavyweights Michelle Obama and Bernie Sanders taking the stage, celebrities have taken to Twitter to react to the beginning of the several-day event.

Among those to speak up during the convention was Rosie O’Donnell, an outspoken critic of President Trump.

Commenting on a video montage set to a Bruce Springsteen song, she wrote, “bruce – the rising – beautiful.”

Mrs. America” star Uzo Aduba also tweeted.

“This Biden/Harris Springsteen package is excellent,” she praised. “Not good. Excellent. Showing all of America and her TRUE greatness.”

Actress Yvette Nicole Brown fired off a pair of tweets to praise the beginning of the broadcast as well.

“I love the opening of the #DNC and I love me some #GwenMoore!” she began. “Her voice is blackness personified. And there’s no bigger compliment I can pay!”

Brown continued: “I love that the #DNC2020 looks like America! All of us together. Every race. All sexual orientations. All ages. Every economic situation. It’s US! #WeThePeople.”

“I’m so happy I’m a f–king Democrat,” said staunch liberal Alyssa Milano. “#DemConvention.”

Rob Reiner referenced the opening of the convention, which included a rendition of the national anthem sung by children from their homes.

“Watching the singing of our National Anthem gave me chills,” he said. “So proud to see the real America. So proud to be a Democrat.”

Bette Midler shared her thoughts as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo addressed the virtual crowd, specifically discussing the coronavirus pandemic.

“Trump’s narcissism crippled his response to the Coronavirus,” she said. “Disorganized, disinterested, lethargic, insecure, and just plain bored with the “weeds” of governing, his ineptitude has ruined the nation, and four more years will kill us all. #VoteJoeandKamala2020.”

Moments later, the singer added: “‘Government matters. Leadership matters.’ Gov. Cuomo, great speech.”

Marvel star Mark Ruffalo also expressed support for the convention.

“Watching the #DemConvention. It’s so good to see so many diverse people coming together addressing racism and the promise of America,” said the actor. “There is a sweetness and kindliness about this production.”

The Democratic National Convention will continue for the majority of the week, culminating in Biden presumed acceptance of the party’s nomination for president.

Throughout the convention, various other political figures are expected to appear, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, as well as Harris and Biden.

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