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Wikipedia was launched Jan. 15, 2001, and the collaborative open encyclopedia has remained a top go-to website for information. The Onion looks back at the biggest moments in Wikipedia’s history on the site’s 20th anniversary. 1776-2000: Americans really bad at history, geography, and remembering personal details of celebrities. 2001: JimmyRead More →

THE television that President Trump has been shouting at for the last week has unexpectedly told him to shut the f**k up.  The TV, a 55-inch flatscreen permanently set to Fox News, spent seven days being berated by the unhinged leader before its patience snapped.  It said: “You know what?Read More →

In response to federal officials urging Americans not to travel to the Capitol following last Wednesday’s deadly riot, Airbnb announced they will cancel and block all reservations in Washington, D.C., during the week of President-Elect Biden’s inauguration. What do you think? “Surely the First Amendment says something about non-refundable deposits.”Read More →