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I HAVE been treated so unfairly by this country. So, so unfairly. It’s really a tragedy how badly they’ve treated your favourite president, and also these guys:  Lil Wayne and Joe Exotic Why would they lock these guys up? They aren’t bad guys. Wayne I know from the Celebrity Apprentice,Read More →

President Trump is expected to issue up to 100 pardons and commutations before he leaves office Wednesday, though his advisors are urging him not to pardon himself, his family or his supporters from the January 6th Capitol riot. What do you think? “Turns out he just needed a due dateRead More →

How glad I am that that absolute heckscape known as 2020 is finally over! Whew! I don’t care if the year made the greatest novelty New Year’s eyeglasses of my lifetime! 2020? More like two-oh-two-NO! (No offense intended to anyone who had a great 2020.) Yes, your old pal JeanRead More →