A CAT has confirmed that it knows you’re taking photos of its innate charm for validation on social media.

Two-year-old tabby cat Martin Bishop said that if you’re going to share pictures of him chasing a laser pointer or licking his arse to get attention online then you should at least pay him.

Bishop said: “I get it, your life’s more boring than usual right now. And posting a few snaps of me basking in a patch of sunlight can give you the illusion of popularity.

“It’s getting out of hand though. I can’t even yawn or take a shit without you towering over me and frantically jabbing your phone. Let’s nail down some rates and try to regain some dignity, yeah?

“How about two treats for a picture of me dozing in my bed or scratching my post? I’m going to have to ask for at least five treats for a picture of me hacking up a furball because that could potentially damage my public image.

“Oh, I see you’ve gone and bought another cat. Wonderful. I’m going to stay with next door until I’m dead.”

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