If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ever runs for president, she has Cardi B’s support — the rapper cast her casual vote after the congresswoman played her 2018 hit “Bodak Yellow” on Instagram.

“She better run for president when she turns 35,” Cardi B, 27, wrote, the legal age at which a person is eligible to run for president. The rapper was replying to Ocasio-Cortez’s Friday Instagram video during which she bopped along to the song.

On Saturday, Ocasio-Cortez, 30, tweeted back, “Women Against Patriarchy (WAP) 2020,” riffing on Cardi B’s new song “WAP,” featuring Megan Thee Stallion.

Ocasio-Cortez played the song while sharing in her Stories that she is getting braces for the second time to fix her teeth. Her retainer broke while working as a waitress in New York City and back then, she couldn’t afford to fix it. “I had to get elected to congress for me to afford dental treatment,” she wrote.

“Everyone deserves this. Healthcare is a right,” wrote Ocasio-Cortez. “Medicare For All includes dental, mental & physical health…”

Ocasio-Cortez went to share that “Republicans LOVE to make fun of my teeth — which truly does not bother me at all because why care about what ugly-on-the-inside-ppl think of you? Don’t stress that,” adding that the mockery is “classist.”

“If you are making fun of someone’s smile, you are making fun of the fact that they do not have access to healthcare,” she wrote. “Don’t do that! It makes YOU ugly…”

Cardi B’s affection toward Ocasio-Cortez follows her support of two-time presidential candidate Bernie Sanders — or, as the rapper calls him, “Uncle Bernie.” In April, the unlikely friends teamed up to discuss the economy and the coronavirus pandemic in a live chat on social media. And in 2019, the rapper and the politician covered climate change and social justice issues during an interview.

If Sanders has anything to say about it, Ocasio-Cortez could have competition in a presidential run. “Cardi B is deeply concerned about what’s happening in the country,” Sanders told TMZ in January. “She knows what it’s like to live in poverty and struggle, and it would be great for her to bring that experience to politics.”

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